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Gift Cards

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    Purchase Gift Cards from MJCA


    This is a wonderful program that not only benefits MJCA but its families* as well. With NO ADDITIONAL COST to you, this program allows you to:
            * Order gift cards for gifts or shopping needs
            * Select from retailers you use regularly
            * Capitalize on money you already spend
            * Earn money for the school
            * Earn money for tuition, fees or whatever you choose
            * Choose physical cards or Electronic cards (MJCA families/faculty/staff only)**
    For example (For a family of 4 per month):
           * $600 at Walmart (2.5% rebate)
           * $200 at Speedway (4% rebate)
           * $70 at Starbucks (7% rebate)
           * $100 at Logan's (10% rebate)
           * $30 at Taco Bell (5% rebate)
           * $50 at Regal Cinemas (8% rebate)
           * $100 at TJ Maxx (7% rebate)
    Total rebate to school = $50.40 PER MONTH Totaling $604.80 a YEAR!!!
    MJCA will split that with the family 50/50.
    You can increase this by asking coworkers, friends and family to also purchase gift cards through the school. These aren't just great for everyday use but make wonderful gifts and are a great way to plan for vacation.
    To see a list of the most common retailers, just print the order form.
    To order your gift cards, bring the order form and payment (check made payable to MJCA or cash) to the main school office on the designated dates. Make sure your name and the student's name is listed on the form. We will get the cards back to you in a timely fashion. To utilize the electronic gift card, return the completed form to the school main office. Share this information with friends, coworkers, and family. Every little bit helps!
    Questions? Email Allison Gray at
    *Please note that only families with an active students, faculty and staff will receive a portion of the rebates.
    ** Electronic cards only available to MJCA families/faculty/staff