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MJCA encourages our families to support school wide fundraisers. The proceeds from annual fundraisers provide additional funds to supplement current programs, add new programs, updates resources, upgrade technology and capital improvements as needed. Every dollar raised is used to bridge the gap between what tuition dollars cover and what is needed to give our students and teachers the resources they need to achieve excellence.

Most recently, the fundraising proceeds were used to construct a new playground, purchase additional vehicles used for field trips, athletic events, retreats, etc. and purchase new curriculum just to mention a few projects.

To make a contribution, contact the Development Director. (615)758-2427.


Keep checking back for future fundraisers to be announced


Ongoing Fundraisers/Non Profit Give Back Programs

Box Tops for Education - Please continue to collect and turn in the Box Tops that have not expired.

Kroger Community Rewards (Must renew your card every year)

Publix Partners - Cards are available in the school office