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High School Band

MJCA students get the chance to shine musically.  A great aspect of being a part of a growing small-school ensemble is that every member is vital to the group.   MJCA has a full band room with professional instruments as well as private instructors hired by the school to give extra attention to each student. 

Students in high school band may have had many years of experience playing their instrument or just beginning.  All that is needed is a willingness to learn and dedication to practice and learn your part.  MJCA Band Students have participated in both group and individual competitions through Middle Tennessee Band & Orchestra Association (, Wilson County Honor Band, and many local university honor bands. 

MJCA students who participate in band may choose concert band and may also choose to participate in JAZZ/PEP band for both football and basketball seasons.  Attention to the individual needs of each band student is the priority in our program to help each one succeed and love playing music on their instrument.   Mrs. Davis works closely with the MJCA athletic staff to make sure that band students are encouraged in all areas of their high school career. 

MJCA High School Band takes an annual band/choir trip to a competition and theme park each year.  Band students may also earn community service hours by using their skills on their instrument.