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Beginning Choir

MJCA Beginning Choir consists of 5th grade students interested in growing their singing skills and is led by Ms. Kimberly Overstreet.  Beginning choir meets twice per week.

Middle School Choir

MJCA Middle School Choir meets every day during the morning and is led by Ms. Kimberly Overstreet.

High School Choir

MJCA High School Choir meets 2-3 times per week and is led by Ms. Kimberly Overstreet.  High School choir is challenged to perform a variety of styles of choral music in a variety of languages.  MJCA students have fun while stretching the range and scope of its members voices.  Participating in Middle TN Vocal Association (, MJCA students have the opportunity to compete and participate in Wilson County All-Sing as well as Mid-TN and All-state competitions.

Show Choir

The MJCA Show Choir meets once per week afterschool and is under the direction of Ms. Kimberly Overstreet.  Students in middle school and high school may participate in show choir with the permission of the instructor and upon auditioning.