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Each team schedule is on our school calendar. You can view each team individually by selecting categories → team. 

mjca saints sports

Fall Sports

High School Football

Middle School Football

5th and 6th Grade Football

High School Volleyball

High School JV Volleyball

Middle School Volleyball

High School Girls Soccer

Middle School Soccer

High School Golf

High School Cheer

Middle School Cheer

5th & 6th Grade Cheer

High School Cross-Country

Middle School Cross-Country




Winter Sports

High School Varsity Boys Basketball

High School Girls Basketball

High School JV Boys Basketball

Middle School Boys Basketball

Middle School Girls Basketball

5th and 6th Grade Boys Basketball

5th and 6th Grade Girls Basketball

Spring Sports

High School Baseball

High School JV Baseball

Middle School Baseball

High School Softball

Middle School Softball

High School Boys Tennis

High School Girls Tennis

Middle School Tennis

High School Boys Soccer




Upcoming Games