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How to Re-Enroll

How to reenroll your MJCA student for the 2020-2021 school year:

  1. Log on to your FACTS ParentsWeb (Family Portal) page
  2. Click on the Family Information tab, then on Enrollment/Reenrollment
  3. Click on your student’s packet to complete & submit it. Be sure to read the instructions within the packet. The non-refundable reenrollment fee is paid at the end of the packet.


Can't remember your ParentsWeb user name and/or password?

Go to the ParentsWeb login on and click on the "forgot user name or password" link. FACTS will email instructions to you. (the MJCA office is unable to help you with a forgotten username or password)

What is the deadline to reenroll?

The reenrollment deadline for K – 12th grade is February 28, 2020. The reenrollment deadline for PreK is March 1, 2020. After the deadline, remaining spots will be opened to new applicants.

How long does it take to reenroll online?

It should only take 5-10 minutes. Please be sure to verify ALL info and update anything that is missing or needs to be changed.

How do I pay the reenrollment fee?

The reenrollment fee is paid ONLINE at the end of the packet using a credit/debit card, or a check. Your student's reenrollment is not complete, and a spot is not held for them until the fee is paid and you click "submit reenrollment packet."

Is the Reenrollment Fee the same thing as the Resource Fee?

The Resource Fee has been rolled into the total tuition price for 2020-2021.

How do I know if the reenrollment went through?

You will get an email confirmation when the process is complete.

I don’t see my child’s enrollment packet under Enrollment/Reenrollment.

FACTS automatically assigns only one parent the reenrollment responsibility. Typically that responsibility is assigned to the mother unless dad has primary custody or the only ParentsWeb account within the family. If you don’t see the packet under the appropriate ParentsWeb page, email for help.

Is a spot automatically saved for my child for next year?

Only if you reenroll before the deadline. Current MJCA parents are able to reenroll their student(s) before the spots are made available to the public. To ensure a spot is held for the 2020-2021 school year, you must reenroll by the deadline stated for your child’s grade.

Can NEW student/sibling applications be done at the same place as reenrollment on FACTS ParentsWeb?

No. You must complete a NEW student application for any student not currently attending MJCA. See the New Student Application Process in Admissions at

When I log onto my FACTS ParentsWeb account, it does not allow me to click on any buttons or tabs.

Using mobile device: At this time, FACTS reenrollment will not work on an iPad, smart phone, or Android device. You must use a PC to complete the reenrollment packet.

Using a PC: If you are using a PC and cannot click on the buttons and/or they look “faded out”, this likely is a compatibility view issue with your web browser. Instructions on how to correct this are on the ParentsWeb login page. If you do not have access to a PC, we can arrange a time for you to come to the school library to use one of ours.

Why have a deadline to reenroll?

It is imperative for planning purposes. Careful planning is necessary to coordinate classes, schedules, and staffing needs. This all has to begin in early Spring in order to be ready for the start of school in August. Knowing how many students to expect is crucial to that planning. For that reason, the reenrollment fees go up after the deadline. NOTE: If you have a specific financial need that would prevent you from reenrolling prior to the deadline, please contact Amy Green in our Business Office to discuss the issue with her and possibly avoid late enrollment fees.

We are undecided about returning next year. Should I complete the reenrollment packet anyway?

No. Since the reenrollment fees are non-refundable, you will probably want to wait until you know for sure. If you are waiting to hear about a job transfer/relocation and are concerned about losing a spot, please call the Admissions office. If you have other concerns about returning, please talk to your principal so they are able to address any issues or questions.

Our family is not returning for the 2020-2021 school year. What do I need to do?

You would log on to your reenrollment packet, and click the “Will Not Enroll” option, or email to let us know you will not be returning next year.

For other questions, please email