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Serve Lead Go


Serve. Lead. Go.


Serve Lead Go Mission

The mission of SLG is to assist young people in the development of their leadership philosophy and skills by exposing them to a Biblically based, practical, multi-faceted, yearlong program. SLG trains students on key characteristics of Jesus' leadership and requires students to be actively involved in service, evangelism and church activities. In SLG, students are trained in leadership theory, then specific leadership skills. Finally, students are encouraged to apply their knowledge and practice their leadership potential by serving their school, family, community and church.

Serve Lead Go Foundation

  • The "Jesus Model" of daily, practical, hands-on leadership training.
  • That in order to move from "ministry to the masses" to discipleship of a smaller group, Christians need to develop a strategic plan.
  • The importance of identifying and training the top student leaders.

Serve Lead Go Principles

SLG teaches students that three core biblical leadership principles will drive a Kingdom student leader. All three principles must be advanced in order to develop a balanced Kingdom student leader.

Serving Others- Jesus modeled this biblical leadership principle by focusing more on others than on Himself. True leadership is fully realized only when one becomes aware of the needs of others. Mentoring, discipleship and evangelism are natural responses when students truly devote their lives to serving others.

Evangelism- Jesus instructed His disciples to employ the Biblical leadership principle by sharing the good news of salvation. Active participation in Kingdom work includes a strong commitment to share the Gospel with others. Lifestyle evangelism occurs when students internalize God's call on their lives.

Serving in a Local Church- Jesus designed our bodies to operate most effectively when all of the individual parts work together. The church reaches its maximum potential only when the individuals become one body. Students must utilize their spiritual gifts within the framework of the local church to truly live as Kingdom student leaders. It is SLG's goal that students connect these principles to their campus, community and church. Students will be challenged to become more like Christ as they seek a higher level of leadership training.