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Make plans to visit the MJCA Library during the Scholastic Arctic Adventure Book Fair Monday through Friday, Nov. 18-22, from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The book fair will also be held during the Shopping Extravaganza on Saturday, Nov. 23rd, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the track in the MJCA Gymnasium.

For more information, click here to visit MJCA's book fair homepage for contact information or to volunteer.

K-2nd Grand Prize Winner - A Universe of Stories

Congratulations to 1st Grader Alex! Alex is the winner of the 2019 Summer Reading BINGO Challenge - A Universe of Stories Grand Prize for students in grades K-2. To be entered to win, Alex had to complete a Cover All on her BINGO sheet. As part of her prizes, Alex gets to check out DVDs, gets extra book check outs, can be the Librarian's Assistant, and much more. Way to go Alex!

3rd-5th Grade Grand Prize Winner - A Universe of Stories

Congratulations to 5th Grader Jillian! She was the 3rd-5th Grade Grand Prize Winner of the 2019 Elementary Summer Reading BINGO Challenge - A Universe of Stories. Jillian completed the Cover All challenge on her BINGO sheet and was entered in a drawing with other students who also completed the Cover All challenge. Jillian gets to enjoy lunch in the library, extra book check outs, sitting in the Big Comfy Chair, plus many other choices. 

2019 Summer Reading BINGO Challenge: A Universe of Stories

Congratulations to the K-5 students that participated in the 2019 Summer Reading BINGO Challenge: A Universe of Stories. The students were given a BINGO sheet at the end of last school year. Students had the choice of what to read and how much to read. Prizes were awarded to students that completed a 5-in-a-Row or a Cover All on their BINGO sheet.

Students that completed 5-in-a-Row: Ava, Aiden, Wyatt, Martin, Ella, Mateo, Cheswin, Sophie, Carson, Lucy, Cole, Amelia, Eva, Valen, Thatcher, Gavin, Kayden, Mae, Leeya, Karson, Aubrie, Brooke, Hannah, Gibson, Landon, Caroline, Ryan, Madi, Jonathan, Emma, and Cameron.

Students that completed a Cover All: Ziva, Eloise, Luke, Ben, Eden, Whitson, Maddox, Oliver, Alex, Max, Kayden, Marley, Dylan, Hudson, Kinsley, Kaylie, Madeline, Sloane, Journey, Parker, Kayla, Brixton, Farrah, Joey, Christian, and Jillian.

Local Author Visits 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Classes


Local author Dianne Spurlock Winstead recently visited during upper elementary chapel to share the writing and book publishing process with MJCA's 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Mrs. Winstead writes with her sister, Stacy Spurlock Robbins, under the name The Sisters Spurlock. Unfortunately, Mrs. Robbins was sick on the day of the scheduled visit; however, as an added surprise, Mrs. Winstead brought her niece, Jacqueline, to share her love of books with the students. Jacqueline is a former MJCA student!

The Sisters Spurlock are the authors of I Give You the Olive Tree, a story about the tree and wood used as the cross during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The sisters also wrote No Mask, No Home, a story about inclusion. Both books were available for purchase and signing by the authors. 

Local author Dianne Spurlock Winstead discusses her book "I Give You the Olive Tree" with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students during upper elementary chapel on April 17th. Mrs. Winstead is joined by her niece (and former MJCA student) Jacqueline Winstead, who shared her love of books and writing with the students and faculty.

MJCA Library Media Center Contact Information

MJCA Librarian Amy Wilson
Phone: 615-758-2427. ext. 126

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Class Schedule

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