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How do I register for the ACT?

The easiest way to register for the ACT is online at Our school code is 431-599. You can request to test at any Tennessee location. If you are looking for a smaller setting than the Wilson County public schools, I suggest Donelson Christian Academy.

How do I apply to college?

Most colleges offer an online application. This is the easiest and fastest way to apply. Some colleges use paper applications, which are available upon request from the particular institution. You will want to begin applying to colleges in the early fall of your senior year.

What do I do after I have submitted my application?

Request that your transcript and ACT scores be sent to the colleges of your choice. All request must come from the student through the guidance office. You can sign the tablet and list the schools you wish your transcript to be sent to that is located in the high school office, or email your request to

I got a letter saying that my college did not receive my transcript…did you really send it?

Yes I did! It usually takes two to three weeks for transcripts to be processed, especially if they are sent close to the deadline date. A letter is automatically generated when you submit your application which states what other items the college will need from you to complete your file. Before you request for another transcript to be sent, you should call your college admissions counselor and ask to check on your file. Usually the transcript is there, and it has not been synced.

How do I request letters of recommendation from my teachers?

If you need a letter of recommendation from a teacher, you need to first go to them and ask if they would be willing to write a letter for you. Make sure that you give them plenty of time to complete the letter, at least two weeks before the mailing deadline. As a courtesy, give them a copy of your academic resume. It is your responsibility to notify the teacher of any deadlines.

Is it okay to take an easier class load my senior year?

Actually, it is not. If students are able to continue taking honors classes during their senior year, they should! Some colleges will request senior schedules for admission files.

Is it okay to let my grades slip a little bit after I have been admitted to the college of my choice?

NO! Colleges look at your grades up until the day you graduate. Final GPA is a contributing factor in several scholarships.

How important is it to be involved in extra-curricular activities?

Very! Some universities no longer base admission strictly on test scores and grade point averages. Also, scholarship committees want to see well-rounded students who are involved in various activities. Leadership positions stand out as well, especially when it comes to filling out scholarship applications.

When should I start filling out scholarship applications?

Most applications start to become available in the fall of your senior year. Applications will continue to come in until May. Continually check in the guidance office. In addition, some universities have a scholarship page for institutional and academic money. Make sure you stay in touch with your admissions counselor so you don’t miss any opportunities! Apply for every scholarship you can.

Do you really have to do volunteer work?

Yes! As stated, colleges are now looking at your whole person and they want to see that you are giving back to your community. They want students at their school who are concerned for others and want to make this world a better place. Almost each scholarship application wants to see some sort of involvement in community service. This is a great opportunity not only for you to boost your resume, but also to help you grow as a person.