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Faculty & Staff

  Name Title
Dave Ashley Ashley, Dave P.E. Teacher
Stacey Barlow Barlow, Stacey Business Office Secretary
Brittany Barnett Barnett, Brittany Secondary Teacher
Misty Benz Benz, Misty Elementary Teacher
Rayna Boyles Boyles, Rayna Elementary Teacher
Krista Brewer Brewer, Krista Preschool Teacher
Kristi Brooks Brooks, Kristi Elementary Teacher
Brittany Brown Brown, Brittany Admissions Director
Patrick Brown Brown, Patrick Guidance/Teacher
Paul Christensen Christensen, Paul Athletic Director
Erin Clark Clark, Erin Preschool Teacher
Justin Cox Cox, Justin P.E Teacher
Philip Cudd Cudd, Philip Secondary Teacher
Beth Davis Davis, Beth Secondary Teacher
Daniel Davis Davis, Daniel Secondary Teacher
Michelle Dedman Dedman, Michelle Preschool Director
Wendy Devlin Devlin, Wendy Elementary Teacher
Sandy Dewald Dewald, Sandy Admissions Director
Lisa Dies Dies, Lisa Elementary Teacher
Kristen Dill Dill, Kristen Preschool Teacher
Tina Eastin Eastin, Tina Elementary Teacher
Rhonda Frazier Frazier, Rhonda Secondary Teacher
Sarah Gaddes Gaddes, Sarah Secondary Teacher
Amy Gee Gee, Amy Secondary Teacher
Amy Green Green, Amy Business Office Manager
Emily Howell Howell, Emily Secondary Teacher
Dana King King, Dana Elementary Secretary
Nikki King King, Nikki Preschool Teacher
David Kitchen Kitchen, David Advancement Director
Michael Kittrell Kittrell, Michael Assistant Athletic Director
Tabitha Kleinmann Kleinmann, Tabitha Elementary Teacher
Ashli Kottwitz Kottwitz, Ashli Secondary Teacher
Tim Lange Lange, Tim IT Director
Melissa Larsen Larsen, Melissa Assistant to Head of School
Samantha Layne Layne, Samantha Elementary Teacher
Amanda Loosier Loosier, Amanda Elementary Teacher
Katherine Lynn Lynn, Katherine Communications Director
Amy MacConnell MacConnell, Amy Elementary Teacher
Renee Martin Martin, Renee Elementary Teacher
Carie McDonald McDonald, Carie Secondary Teacher
Kim McLean McLean, Kim Front Office Secretary
Joy Mercer Mercer, Joy Secondary Teacher
Chelli Mosier Mosier, Chelli Elementary Teacher
Elle Mummert Mummert, Elle School Counselor
Lawanda Nave Nave, Lawanda Nurse
Kimberly Overstreet Overstreet, Kimberly Secondary Teacher
Laura Parker Parker, Laura Elementary Teacher
Candi Pereira Pereira, Candi Teacher Aide
Kayla Perry Perry, Kayla Preschool Teacher
Julie Philippi Philippi, Julie Pre K Teacher
Mary Catherine Pool Pool, Mary Catherine Preschool Teacher
Kathy Posey Posey, Kathy Elementary Principal
Angela Risher Risher, Angela Secondary Secretary
Kellie Roberts Roberts, Kellie Secondary Teacher
Allyson Rogers Rogers, Allyson Elementary Teacher
Jenny Runyon Runyon, Jenny Secondary Teacher
Mary Jane Scott Scott, Mary Jane Elementary Teacher
Shawna Shoemaker Shoemaker, Shawna Secondary Teacher
Lisa Shouse Shouse, Lisa Preschool Teacher
Dana Spence Spence, Dana Secondary Teacher
David Spence Spence, David Secondary Teacher/Alumni Relations Coordinator
Julia Steele Steele, Julia Elementary Teacher
Stephanie Strong Strong, Stephanie Business Office Secretary
Gregory Tabor Tabor, Gregory Secondary Teacher
Rodna Tabor Tabor, Rodna Elementary Teacher
Brig Thompson Thompson, Brig Head of School
Lucy Thompson Thompson, Lucy School Counselor
Amanda Van Vactor Van Vactor, Amanda Associate Head of School
Patti Webster Webster, Patti Secondary Teacher
Dena White White, Dena Secondary Teacher
Cherie Williams Williams, Cherie Athletic Coordinator
Kelli Willimon Willimon, Kelli Nurse
Elaine Willis Willis, Elaine Secondary Teacher
Jon Willis Willis, Jon Secondary Principal
Amy Wilson Wilson, Amy Librarian
Pat Wilson Wilson, Pat Elementary Teacher
Jessica Yates Yates, Jessica Elementary Teacher
Amy Young Young, Amy Nurse