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Elementary Music


Kindergarten & 1st Grade

MJCA's Kindergarten Music is led by Mrs. Kimberly Overstreet.  Students experience singing, rhythm, and Kodaly methods in music class while preparing for various programs throughout the year.  Kindergarten students have music twice per week. 

2nd Grade

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MJCA 2nd Grade Music students are led by Mrs. Beth Davis.  2nd Graders have music class twice each week and experience both singing and performing on instruments.  Students will learn Kodaly and Orff singing and playing techniques as well as play on a variety of musical/rhythmic instruments.  Students will know how to read basic music symbols and notes in treble clef at the end of their second grade year.

3rd & 4th Grade


MJCA 3rd & 4th Grade music students are led by Mrs. Beth Davis and experience music classes twice per week. 

3rd grade students are in beginning recorder class.  These classes train the students how to read music, sing in harmony, and to play their baroque recorder.  Students learn musical practice techniques and how to control their own instrument while learning the written language of music.

4th grade students continue their study in advanced recorder class.  These classes give the students more advanced options regarding the type of music that is played as well as broadening their experiences on recorder by giving them the opportunity to play the alto & tenor recorders.  Students are well-versed at reading music and controlling their own instruments by the end of this class.