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The MJCA Fine Arts Boosters is now in place and running full steam!  We welcome members to the group.  Please click below for the MJCA Fine Arts Boosters Club Member Registration Form and send in to the MJCA business office.


THANK YOU to those who supported our Evening with the Arts 2017: Writers in the Round

with special thanks to Darryl & Kimberly Worley, Andy Griggs, Mark Narmore, Kenny Beard,
Benson Orthodontics, Chik-fil-a Providence, and many more sponsors/donors.



Please welcome our MJCA Fine Arts Boosters Officers and Executive Board:

Cleta Ehrhart, President

Cindy Hickman, Vice-President

Sandy Dewald, Secretary

Stacey Keck, Treasurer

Beth Davis, Band, Instrumental & Elementary Music, Department Head

Kim Overstreet, Choir, Drama & Elementary Music

Brenda York, Visual Arts

Sherry Henderson, Band Designee

Michelle Wilde, Choir Designee

Jennifer Eck, Drama Designee

Dorinda Biggs, Elementary Designee

OPEN Position, Visual Arts Designee


Contact Beth Davis, Fine Arts Department Head if interested in more information about the MJCA Fine Arts Boosters.