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Head of School Greeting

Head of School Greeting

Mt. Juliet Christian Academy opened its doors over 35 years ago.  The driving force behind its humble beginnings was the desire to provide a quality Christian education to the surrounding community.  With that heartfelt beginning, MJCA exists to fulfill its mission to partner with families in developing students to think, lead and live as Christians based upon a biblical worldview.  Our vision is that our students’ minds will be enriched, their hearts engaged and hands equipped with excellence for the glory of God.

In essence, we want students to graduate from MJCA able to SERVE, LEAD, and GO out into this world with a biblical worldview ready to take on the challenges they will face and positively impact the world around them for Christ.

To this end, we do not apologize for our rigorous curriculum and high expectations.  Focusing upon the foundations of education helps ensure that our students are well prepared for further educational pursuits or moving directly to the workforce.  It is our desire to help students succeed in school and ultimately in life.

Many have stated that they “feel at home” or “it just feels like family” at MJCA.  While there will never be a perfect school, we are blessed with a faculty and staff that truly care about the welfare of each student.  Students are challenged to do their personal best in all endeavors.  Students are encouraged to develop to their full potential all the while developing a forgiving heart toward others and a respectful attitude.  We encourage them to love others as God would love them and to love God with total abandon.

So why choose Christian education?  I once read an analogy of plants in a greenhouse and educating children.  Seeds are planted, plants begin to sprout and are protected and lovingly cared for in the greenhouse.  When the plant has maturity and strength to face the elements, it is brought out to be planted where it will have the greatest impact.  It is no different with children.  MJCA can be the “greenhouse” whereby your children can grow and develop in a safe nurturing environment into young adults with a biblical worldview prepared to positively impact the world around them for God’s Kingdom.  That is the business in which we serve.

We look forward to a lasting partnership with you!

God bless,

Mrs. Amanda Van Vactor

Acting Head of School